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Metrotown Chiropractic . . .

. . . has been proudly offering professional chiropractic care in the greater Burnaby area for 35+ years. Our professionally licensed and certified chiropractors have years of experience dealing with most any injury or condition, from crooked spines to a variety of musculoskeletal and nerve impingement syndromes from whiplash to sciatica. We all are extremely well trained in alternative pain management methods and rehabilitation.

At Metrotown Chiropractic, attentive patient care always comes first. Our chiropractors and nurses always take the time to listen to their patients, paying special attention to their description of pain, its location, and whether or not a certain treatment is or has been effective. We believe that you know best when it comes to your own pain, and our chiropractors do not pretend to "know better" and offer a treatment that does not suit your unique situation or needs.

Chiropractic Care

As spine, muscle, and nervous system experts, chiropractors provide qualified, effective treatment to promote health, alleviate pain, and improve your quality of life.

Chiropractors focus on your spine, muscle, and nervous system and treat the bones, muscles, soft tissues, and joints that you use every day. The spine, muscle, and nervous system supports your weight, keeps your body stable, protects your organs, and keeps you moving. It also connects directly to other vital systems in your body, which is why medical professionals, researchers, and the wider health community trust the spine care expertise of chiropractors to assess, diagnose, and treat conditions and injuries related to the spine, muscle, and nervous system. For optimal health and quality of life, a chiropractor should be part of every Canadian's healthcare team.

Chiropractors are certainly the front-line providers for back pain and recurring pain, but we are also primary care professionals who look at and evaluate the whole body.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  • Improved movement in your neck, shoulders, back and torso
  • Better posture
  • Relief from headaches, neck and back pain
  • Prevention of work-related muscle and joint injuries
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Relief of pregnancy-related backache
  • Correction of gait and foot problems

Metrotown Chiropractic will help you reduce and/or eliminate neck and back pain, without drugs and side effects. You will regain mobility and control of your life.

Pain Management Through Education

At Metrotown Chiropractic, we strive to not only treat but also Educate Our Patients about pain and pain management. You may not know that your constant headaches are a symptom of a neck strain, or that your constant knee pain is caused by a misaligned back. Many of our patients come in complaining of pain in one part of their body only to find out that it can be treated by working on a totally different area. A skilled chiropractor can decrease or completely alleviate pain caused by arthritis or resulting from whiplash and other injuries. We will also be able to counsel on the best pain management treatment for your unique situation, without having to prescribe expensive pain killers.

If you have been through countless specialists and physiotherapists and see no improvement in your pain level or your overall quality of life, it may be time to call a professional chiropractor. Many patients have confided in us that they wished they had started by consulting a chiropractor and skipped expensive appointments with hard to see specialists that did very little or nothing for them.


Walk-ins are Welcome and No Referral is Necessary
(Subject to Practitioner Availability)
Free Parking in the rear, off of Newton St.

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